Natural gas midstream pipelines are a critical link in the value chain, delivering to major transmission lines that move gas across the country. Keeping midstream compression operating efficiently is an on-going challenge. Over-lubrication is very common and leads to gas stream contamination, contaminated metering stations, valve failures, filter fouling, and site contamination, which can dramatically impact performance lead to costly downtime.

Our TriCip solution addresses many challenges impeding the efficient operation of today’s pipelines. TriCip uses field-tested and proven technology to deliver precision lubrication to compressor cylinders to maximize performance and longevity. TriCip effectively reduces oil usage by up to 90% and minimizes environmental impact to improve pipeline operations and dramatically reduce operational costs.

Our Watchman System offers a fully customizable solution for midstream compressors in circumstances where TriCip is not appropriate. Our Watchman is a plug-and-play system that optimizes compressor lubrication and solves reliability concerns.

Sloan Lubrication Systems also provides a full array of OEM replacement parts and systems, and can custom build a lubrication system to meet any specifications. Get in touch with us to find out how.

Our lubrication systems are backed by a one-year warranty and the most experienced field service team available. We can solve your reliability problems fast.

Hands-on training for TriCip and all Sloan Lubrication products is available on-site or at our fully equipped facility in Freeport, Pennsylvania to ensure operations and maintenance personnel are familiar with how our systems work and how to easily troubleshoot if there’s ever a problem. And we stand behind every product with technical support and emergency service 24/7.

As a nationally approved distributor for Ariel parts and service, we also provide ER-125 lubrication rate reduction on Ariels. Find out more at

Maximizing the performance of your lubrication systems with thorough system evaluations and reviews.

As part of our commitment to provide outstanding service for industries that rely on precision lubrication systems for efficient operation, our experienced teams are available for evaluations of systems already in place to ensure they are operating at their optimum level. Our experts are specially trained to understand the nuances of lubrication systems and are able to detect many issues that may reveal themselves in a mechanical review.

If you would like an evaluation of your current lubrication system, we will be happy to schedule a time to come to your site to perform the evaluation in-person or do it over the phone or through email. Our team will review your systems’ performance, collect actionable data, and provide a detailed performance review to ensure your system is operating efficiently and cost-effectively.