Engineered to provide the best piston fit possible, our divider blocks effectively divide the total flow of lubricant delivered to all lubrication points. Designed specifically for low-flow, high pressure applications in compressors and engines, our divider blocks exceed the highest industry standards, ensure the optimal delivery of necessary lubrication to downstream points, and guarantee fail-safe shutdown.

Features & Benefits

  • Integrated baseplate poppet checks ensure positive output
  • Outlet ports machined to accept O-ring fittings and standard pipe thread fittings
  • Integrated top and bottom baseplate sections reduce leak points
  • Rear-mounting spacers prevent thermal expansion
  • Corrosion-resistant nitriding withstands the most extreme environments
  • All surfaces precision machined to prevent geometric deformations
  • Tapered countersunk mounting bolts transfer force away from the bore, eliminating bore distortion
  • Manufactured and tested to the highest industry standards

Assembly Components

Divider sections are available in 3T through 30T, and the displacement varies from .003in3 to .030in3
(.049cm3 – .492cm3).

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