Proper divider block function is critical to lubrication system reliability. Protect your divider blocks from contamination and monitor their health with our divider block accessories to guarantee fail-safe function and quickly troubleshoot any problems that arise during operation.

Gauge Assembly

Our gauge assembly provides multiple vital functions in a divider block system. It is the inlet for each lubrication zone and provides filtration, high pressure relief, visual pressure monitoring, and a purge point for maintenance and testing. The gauge assembly is available with a rupture relief valve that uses rupture disks, or a high pressure relief valve that resets itself once the pressure drops below its set pressure.

Features & Benefits

  • 10, 25, 40, 90 and 150 micron filter elements available
  • Available with a rupture disk relief assembly or a high-pressure relief valve to any set pressure required
  • Sintered bronze element protects divider block’s extremely tight tolerance pistons
  • Filter element allows easy replacement without disturbing tubing
  • Vertical installation of element parts protect gaskets upon installation
  • Purge point with a terminal check valve used for high-volume purging of the divider block and lubrication lines

Magnetic Proximity Switch

The magnetic proximity switch is a crucial component of your fail-safe monitoring system. The MPS detects each divider block cycle and sends a signal to your Wizard Monitor or PLC control system. Our MPS has a patented spring- free operation for peerless, problem free reliability.

Features & Benefits

  • Anodized aluminum body and stainless steel wetted parts
  • Spring-free design eliminates wear parts
  • Fully enclosed design eliminates leak paths
  • Removable magnetically captive pin for easy cleaning and operation verification
  • Fully enclosed reed switch and PVC jacketed cable
  • Easily separable magnet housing
  • Normally closed switch design for simplified troubleshooting and circuit verification
  • Precision-manufactured reed switch designed for millions of closures at low voltage
  • Follows piston travel and reports each block cycle to the Wizard Monitor
  • US Patent 8575921


Switching voltage (DC or peak AC) 200V

Switching current (DC or peak AC) 0.5A

Carry current (DC or peak AC) 1.25A

Static resistance (@ 0.5, 10mA) 200

Insulation resistance (@ 100V) 1010

Sensor resistance (@ 40% overdrive) 480 mOhm

Cycle Indicator

Our cycle indicators attach to your divider block and provide a visual indication of each complete piston cycle utilizing the same spring-free design as our MPS switch for long term reliability. Cycle indicators allow the user to verify the proper function and settings of the electronic monitoring system, easily perform maintenance, and troubleshoot when the unit is not in operation.

Features & Benefits

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Gold ring magnet indicates piston cycle
  • Instant visual verification of each divider block cycle
  • Spring-free design eliminates wear parts
  • Fully enclosed design eliminates leak paths
  • Removable magnetically captive pin provides easy cleaning and operation verification
  • Confirms Magnetic Proximity Switch operation
  • Verifies flow rates displayed on system monitors
  • US Patent 8575921

Resettable Fault Indicators

Resettable fault indicators, often called “tattletales”, are installed in divider block face ports to provide a visual indication of over pressurization – an indication that maintenance is needed. If the set pressure is exceeded, the center pin pops out and remains until reset by the operator.

Features & Benefits

  • Spring-actuated
  • Resettable and reusable
  • No discs to replace

List set pressures

Color-coded by Pressure

  • SB-D-PI500 Pin indicator, resettable 500 psi / Blue
  • SB-D-PI1000 Pin indicator, resettable 1,000 psi / Yellow
  • SB-D-PI1500 Pin indicator, resettable 1,500 psi / Red
  • SB-D-PI2000 Pin indicator, resettable 2,000 psi / Orange
  • SB-D-PI2500 Pin indicator, resettable 2,500 psi / Purple
  • SB-D-PI3000 Pin indicator, resettable 3,000 psi / Brown
  • SB-D-PI3500 Pin indicator, resettable 3,500 psi / Grey

Rupture Disks

Rupture disks are designed to burst at a set pressure, triggering a fail-safe shutdown of your critical equipment. Rupture disks come in packs of 25 and are color coded by burst pressure.

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