Whether your application is 10 HP or 10,000 HP, proper monitoring of your lubrication system is critical to guarantee optimum function and fail-safe protection. Our monitoring solutions are designed for applications large or small, from simple divider block mounted no-flow devices, to full featured PLC integrated devices that simultaneously record and report flow rate data for multiple zones.

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Wizard Monitor 

Our Wizard Monitor provides cutting edge delivery protection and monitoring for up to four lubrication zones. The Wizard has a bright, easy-to-use touch screen interface, integrates seamlessly with your plant control systems, and provides real time flow rate information and rate data logs for later analysis.

Features & Benefits

  • Tracks and displays total oil delivery for up to four zones
  • Simple programming and setup with 3 ½ ” color LCD touchscreen
  • Compatible with all PLC systems via MODBUS interface
  • Continuous log file recording with USB export
  • Programmable zone warning and zone failure alarm
  • Enables automatic fail-safe shutdown


Power supply
90-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz / 12-48 VDC 15 W max

4 Zone proximity switches (low voltage dry contact)
1 Total display switch
1 Arm/disarm circuit

4 Zone alarm relays 250 V max 5A (NO) / 3A (NC)
1 Power fail relay 250 V max 5A (NO) / 3A (NC)

1 RS485 Modbus RTU
1 10 / 100 Ethernet (Web server + MODBUS TCP / IP)

Storage Onboard
512Mb; minimum 2 years logging 1 entry per minute
External USB – CSV file format

Magnetic Proximity Switch

The magnetic proximity switch is a crucial component of your fail-safe monitoring system. The MPS detects each divider block cycle and sends a signal to your Wizard Monitor or PLC control system. Our MPS has a patented spring- free operation for peerless, problem free reliability.

Features & Benefits

  • Anodized aluminum body and stainless steel wetted parts
  • Spring-free design eliminates wear parts
  • Fully enclosed design eliminates leak paths
  • Removable magnetically captive pin for easy cleaning and operation verification
  • Fully enclosed reed switch and PVC jacketed cable
  • Easily separable magnet housing
  • Normally closed switch design for simplified troubleshooting and circuit verification
  • Precision-manufactured reed switch designed for millions of closures at low voltage
  • Follows piston travel and reports each block cycle to the Wizard Monitor
  • US Patent 8575921


Switching voltage (DC or peak AC) 200V

Switching current (DC or peak AC) 0.5A

Carry current (DC or peak AC) 1.25A

Static resistance (@ 0.5, 10mA) 200

Insulation resistance (@ 100V) 1010

Sensor resistance (@ 40% overdrive) 480 mOhm

Digital No Flow Timer

The DNFT is a simple, compact, and reliable monitoring device that provides real time fail-safe protection for your critical machinery. The DNFT installs directly to your divider block and provides single zone, fail-safe protection via a simple open/closed relay.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple and reliable fail-safe protection
  • Battery powered for easy installation
  • Compatible with all high pressure divider block systems
  • Flashing light indicates each cycle
  • Integrates with PLC controls via open/closed relay

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