Sloan Lubrication Systems’ high quality lubrication pumps are designed to deliver dependable performance for a wide range of applications. Our pumps are offered in three piston sizes to meet the volume requirements of any application.

Vacuum pumps feature an extra-wide sight glass for easy drop viewing for output adjustments as needed. Generally used for applications in which each pump serves one lubrication point and no delivery protection is required.

Pressurized Pumps are gravity fed from an overhead supply or a header. Our pressurized pumps are easy to operate and extremely robust. These pumps are used in our monitored, fail-safe divider block lubrication systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Fits box lubricators SLS, CPI / Premier, Lincoln / McCord, Mega
  • Standard mounting bolt centers (4.406”)
  • Needle roller bearing for reduced friction
  • High-performance piston seal ensures no leak by
  • Corrosion-resistant plating, fully coated inside and out
  • Hardened stainless steel piston for continued performance
  • Extra-wide sight glass window for easy drop viewing
  • Spring-loaded PTFE seal poppets on suction and discharge
  • Self-priming pump with priming port for easy startup

Operating Conditions

Maximum speed

3/16 inch piston
10,000 max psi

1/4 inch piston
8,000 max psi

3/8 inch piston
3,500 max psi

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