Sloan Custom Solutions

Custom engineered lubrication systems designed specifically for your application and proudly backed by our century of expertise.

Custom Systems

Not every application is a good fit for a stand-alone plug and play system. At Sloan, we understand that a customer’s circumstances or needs may vary. One customer may need a system that gets its oil supply from the compressor crankcase or they may want to drive it with an existing auxiliary shaft. In some situations, a customer may not be able to run power for an electric motor, or there may not be enough room in the facility for a floor mounted system. For these situations, we offer custom component systems using the same quality components as our Watchman to ensure precision delivery and engineered to the exact specifications of your compressor.

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Custom Box Lubricators

Simple pump-to-point lubrication systems custom designed for your application. We offer a wide range of drive types, mounting styles, and accessories like level control/alarms, heaters and filtration. We design our custom pump-to-point systems around our robust box lubricator and reliable vacuum pump for years of consistent and efficient lubricant delivery.

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