Wizard Monitor 

Providing constant monitoring for reliable protection of your critical lubricated equipment.

Features & Benefits

  • Tracks and displays total oil delivery for up to four zones
  • Simple programming and setup with 31/2” color LCD touchscreen
  • Compatible with all PLC systems via MODBUS interface
  • Continuous log file recording via internal and USB export
  • Signals a failure to an alarm upon flow rate drop
  • Provides for automatic shutdown if flow rate drops


Power supply
90-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz / 12-48 VDC 15 W max

4 Zone proximity switches (low voltage dry contact)
1 Total display switch
1 Arm/disarm circuit

4 Zone alarm relays 250 V max 5A (NO) / 3A (NC)
1 Power fail relay 250 V max 5A (NO) / 3A (NC)

1 RS485 Modbus RTU
1 10 / 100 Ethernet (Web server + MODBUS TCP / IP)

Storage Onboard
512Mb; minimum 2 years logging 1 entry per minute
External USB – CSV file format

Magnetic Proximity Switch

Simple yet effective patented spring-free operation.

Features & Benefits

  • Anodized aluminum body and stainless steel wetted parts
  • Spring-free design eliminates wear parts
  • Fully enclosed design eliminates leak paths
  • Removable magnetically captive pin for easy cleaning and operation verification
  • Fully enclosed reed switch and PVC jacketed cable
  • Easily separable magnet housing
  • Normally closed switch design for simplified troubleshooting and circuit verification
  • Precision-manufactured reed switch designed for millions of closures at low voltage
  • Follows piston travel and reports each block cycle to the Wizard Monitor
  • US Patent 8575921


Switching voltage (DC or peak AC) 200V

Switching current (DC or peak AC) 0.5A

Carry current (DC or peak AC) 1.25A

Static resistance (@ 0.5, 10mA) 200

Insulation resistance (@ 100V) 1010

Sensor resistance (@ 40% overdrive) 480 mOhm

Magnetic Cycle Indicator

Provides instant verification that pistons are operating effectively.

Features & Benefits

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Gold ring magnet indicates piston cycle
  • Instant visual verification of each divider block cycle
  • Spring-free design eliminates wear parts
  • Fully enclosed design eliminates leak paths
  • Removable magnetically captive pin provides easy cleaning and operation verification
  • Confirms Magnetic Proximity Switch operation
  • Verifies flow rates displayed on system monitors
  • US Patent 8575921

Gauge Assembly

Precision machined stainless steel manifold and fittings aluminum filter housing, and high-pressure relief assembly provide high-performance, durability, and accuracy. Available with a rupture disk assembly or a high-pressure relief valve.

Features & Benefits

  • 10-micron high pressure filter element with optional 25, 40, 90 and 150 also available
  • Available with a rupture disk relief assembly or a high-pressure relief valve to any set pressure required
  • Sintered bronze element protects divider block’s extremely tight tolerance pistons
  • Filter element allows easy replacement without disturbing tubing
  • Vertical installation of element parts protect gaskets upon installation
  • Purge point with a terminal check valve used for high-volume purging of the divider block and lubrication lines

Resettable Fault Indicator

Features & Benefits

  • Spring-actuated
  • Resettable and reusable
  • No discs to replace

Air / Water Trap

Removes water and air for oil supplies upstream of pumps.

Features & Benefits

  • 1/8 inch female NPT bleed port top with installed valve
  • Pyrex Tube – handles all oil types
  • Anodized aluminum for superior corrosion resistance
  • Viton O-rings
  • 1/4 inch female NPT inlet and outlet
  • Pressure relief


Max Oil Pressure 125 psi

Purge Pump

Features & Benefits

  • Easy-to-see oil level
  • Machined aluminum reservoir
  • Flexible 36” hose with short bend radius for convenient use in used in hard-to- reach areas
  • Integral check valve
  • 3,000 psi oil-filled pressure gauge
  • Includes both Parker and Swagelok 1/4” OD fittings
  • Other fitting brands available upon request


Rated Pressure 3,000 psi (5,000 psi option available)

Chamber Material Anodized aluminum/glass Compatible with all oil types

Chamber Capacity 1 pint (0.4L)

Check Valves

Positive protection for greater system reliability.

Single Poppet Check Valve

Features & Benefits

  • Soft-seat poppet design
  • Stainless steel
  • Available in outlet and terminal configurations
  • 400º F maximum temperature
  • 1/8” MPT x 1/8” FPT check


Inlet 1/8” FPT
Outlet 1/8” male NPT or 1/8” NPT
Material 303 stainless steel
Working Pressure 8,000 psi

Omni-Check Valve

Features & Benefits

  • Omni-check soft-seat double-poppet check valve for increased reliability or choose hard-seat with stainless steel balls
  • Provides positive sealing under all conditions
  • 400º F maximum temperature or available with Buna seals for ammonia service with maximum temperature rating of 250º F
  • Available with any fitting combination


Inlet 1/4” FPT
Outlet 1/4” NPSF
Material 303 stainless steel
Working Pressure 8,000 psi

Omni Gas Traps

Prevents gas from migrating back and interfering with the operation of divider block lubrication systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Eliminates the possibility of gas passing back into your lube lines, guaranteeing there is always a pool of oil on the “outside” of a check valve
  • Gas cushion reduces pulsation up the lubrication lines for longer check valve life
  • Remedies outlet check valve failure problems and gas blowback issues
  • Helps to optimize check valve performance
  • Provides added protection of oil delivery


Inlet 1/4” female NPT

Outlet 1/4” male NPT or 1/8” male NPT

Material Stainless steel

Working Pressure 8,000 psi

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