Sloan Lubrication Systems are engineered for your Ro-Flo application requirements to speed installation and minimize costs.  Our Ro-Flo Lubrication systems provide precision lubricant delivery and fail-safe protection in a custom engineered design.  

Sloan Lubrication Systems is the only manufacturer recommended lubrication system for Ro-Flo rotary compressor applications. Here are the services we offer:

  • System engineering and design

  • Turnkey systems or component kits
  • High specification systems
  • 3D system modeling
  • Operations and maintenance training
  • Preventative maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Replacement parts and upgrades

Custom options for your application:

A range of systems:

  • Turnkey skids with integrated tank
  • Equipment mounted systems with remote divider blocks for user provided external supply tank
  • Components for DIY systems
  • Single and dual zone for tandem Ro-Flo applications

Drive types:

  • Electric motor
  • Belt

Available for hazardous locations, UL, IEC, ATEX 

Discrete system mounted monitoring or PLC integration 

Voltage – DC, AC Single or 3 phase 

Built in electrical controls / prewiring for integration with customer provided controls

Spares and PM component kits

Let us know how we can help you.