This year, Sloan Lubrication Systems has a number of exciting announcements for new products and services, including the introduction of maintenance contracts that will reduce downtime via predictive maintenance for your critical equipment, and updates about new ways we are helping reduce the pervasive negative impacts of over-lubrication.

We are also looking for some great talent to join our team. We just brought on a new field services coordinator, Ronald Kepes, to manage our ever-expanding field work, and are adding several new positions, including an inside sales representative to focus on meeting our customer’s every need.

At Sloan Lubrication Systems, we always strive to provide an excellent experience for our customers. While Walter Sloan was CEO, customers loved to call in, have a chat, and be wowed by his unique ability to rattle off the correct part numbers from memory. They always left with the impression that Walter truly cared about them and was dedicated to solving their every problem. It’s the kind of customer service that can define a business, and Sloan Lubrication Systems has steadily grown over the years because of people like Walter, who placed our customers in high regard and made this standard of service part of our company culture.


Walter’s dedication to service is part of the company’s DNA, a proud tradition carried on by our experienced sales team members like, Matt McCarthy, who has now been with us for 30 years. Leslie Collins, our customer support specialist, and her protégé Alex Brochetti, bring 21 and nine years, respectively.

We pride ourselves on the expertise of long-term team members like Michael LeDoux with his 30 years of lubrication experience; Michael Hazlett with 19 years in field services; Michael Bechtold, our director of operations for 15 years; Will Cody in production, who has focused on lube systems for 31 years; and Sam Wygant, who has been machining with us for 11 years.

And, of course, there are the three Sloan brothers, CJ with 20 years, and Brian and Eric, each officially with 14 years. Although, they never hesitate to remind customers that their father, Walter, had them stuffing o-rings into divider blocks since they were in booster seats.


Tally up the years and these Sloan team members have more than 200 years of combined experience, and that is only a fraction of our team, which shouldn’t be too surprising for a company that has been in business for 100 years. We have a great crew and are blessed with great customers. We credit our success to our dedication to excellent customer service and helping our customers advance their businesses.

It hasn’t been easy over those 100 years. Most recently, the Covid-19 pandemic and continued supply chain disruptions have challenged us, but also helped us identify and address where we need to continue to improve to do business better.

It is a constant process of growth as new innovations and technologies emerge, where new products replace old, senior staff members retire, and new team members become fully immersed in our culture of service to make sure that, through it all, our customer experience is superior and we are constantly striving for excellence. That’s the heart of Sloan Lubrication Systems.

Did You Know?

Sloan Lubrication Systems welcomes Ron Kepes, our new field services coordinator to the team. He has more than 30 years of experience in skilled labor and project management. He values hard work and attention to detail and excels at building teams around him that share those ethics. Ron promises to “strive for 100% customer satisfaction by being on time, every time and keeping the customers’ best interests as the top priority.”

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