Michael Bechtold, COO, joined the Sloan Lubrication Systems team in 2007. At that time the company employed just 15 people and was known as “The Sloan Brothers Company” or simply, “Sloan Brothers”. We soon outgrew our Oakmont, Pennsylvania location and moved to a 20,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Freeport, Pennsylvania where we began to manufacture more of our own products and used the additional space to grow operations.

Since joining the Sloan team, Mike’s role has grown with the company. Initially his role combined production, assembly and light machining. Daily duties ranged widely from assembling Watchman Lubrication Systems and testing divider blocks, to inspecting machined parts like check valves, or helping the service team in the field. The variety of work afforded Mike a well-rounded experience in all facets of our business and he quickly developed into a lubrication system expert.

In 2008 when Sloan began manufacturing our own line of divider blocks, Mike was instrumental in developing the cylinder honing process that gives Sloan divider blocks their reputation for being the best in the industry. He was also on the team that investigated the coatings and design improvements that lead to their incomparable dependability.

As our company has continued to grow, Mike has held different roles, many of which did not even exist in 2007. Today Mike serves as our Chief Operating Officer, and is responsible for all of Sloan’s production and service, as well as overseeing a staff of 30 people.

While many of our customers might not know Mike, his work and efforts have a direct impact on our ability to provide the stellar customer experience Sloan is known for.

Meet Michael Bechtold COO

What are you proud of accomplishing at Sloan?

Building a team that has enabled Sloan to become a fully integrated manufacturer while remaining committed to servicing end users. It is tough enough for a business to do one of those two things, let alone both with the same team. Our design, manufacturing, and service capability is market leading, and this, coupled with our small team, enables us to be more responsive and efficient than our competition.

What do you like best about working at Sloan?

We help ensure the reliability of our customers’ equipment, which plays important roles in our nation’s (if not the world’s) critical infrastructure. From power generation, gas transmission, and water treatment, to food processing and manufacturing, our customers keep the world moving and we help them do that. It’s humbling and awesome to play a role in it.

What are some things you hope to accomplish in the next year?

Growing. Not just numbers, but growing our team’s talents and capabilities, which in turn will help increase opportunities for the organization. This becomes cyclical since this increase in opportunities also helps grow our teams’ capabilities. Some of that growth may be internal like a process redesign effort that increases throughput, but could also come as a new application in a new market, allowing us to help solve new challenges.

What do you appreciate most about your team?

Their steadfast resolve to the company and its customers. They come to work every day looking to improve and succeed. It’s great to be a part of it.

Did You Know?

Sloan Cycle Indicators are an important part of your lubrication system. They don’t just show that your divider blocks are cycling, you can also use them to verify flow rates and get an idea of the health of your divider blocks. Contact us to find out how.

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