Modern critical machinery lubrication systems are designed to be fail safe. This means that if anything happens to the system that prevents it from delivering the right amount of lubricant to all delivery points, the system will trigger a shutdown to protect the machinery.

To guarantee fail-safe operation of your critical machinery lubrication systems, it is important to carefully follow recommendations for preventative maintenance and testing. Through a series of regular practices wear components that need to be replaced will become evident, allowing your lubrication systems to provide fail-safe protection for many years.

Unfortunately, it is all too common for lubrication systems to be neglected for many years until something bad happens. Often by the time Sloan Lubrication Systems is called in, it is already too late – the damage is done.

What may seem like simple cost cutting measures – extending duty intervals of lube system wear parts, or skipping time consuming testing procedures, can create severe problems – the expense of which dwarfs the incremental savings that were realized by reducing PM.

Facility staff may not have the time, resources or training to properly complete the necessary maintenance and testing at the proper intervals.

If you are not 100% certain of the integrity of your fail-safe, we are here to help. With 99 years of history to lean on, Sloan Lubrication Systems can provide the training and support for your team to keep critical equipment running reliably. If resources are a problem, we can manage and perform preventive maintenance for you. Our highly trained technicians can take the guesswork out of regular preventative maintenance procedures. Our team can quickly assess the condition of your lubrication system and restore the integrity of your fail-safe.

Michael Bechtold, COO