At Sloan Lubrication Systems, our teams are dedicated to outstanding service beyond the sale and are always on call to provide support throughout the life of your new system.

A recent example of the level of service that Sloan provides occurred last month when we received a call from a customer north of Evanston, Wyoming. An eight-year old Watchman Lubrication System on one of their Cooper W330 integral compressors was experiencing some problems. The compressor would come online, but every time they loaded it, the lubrication system would trip within 15-30 minutes.

One call and our skilled tech support team was on the case immediately. Most technical support calls can be quickly addressed by our expert team over the phone at little or no cost to the customer, or we may determine the problem requires a few replacement parts without having to put hands on the unit.

However, with our Evanston client, we determined that the best option was an emergency service visit to better identify the problem. Within a few days, Grayland Lacoste, a Sloan service technician, was onsite performing a full service on the lubrication system. After testing all the parameters and certifying the system, the customer brought the compressor back online only to have it trip again. Grayland was able to verify that the Watchman system was performing properly – that indeed there was an over-pressurization on one delivery point and the Wizard Monitor was triggering a fail-safe shutdown, preventing expensive damage to the compressor cylinders.

Grayland Lacoste

Subsequent analysis revealed that the high stage cylinder packing had failed, which was leading to the over-pressurization and fail-safe shutdown. Taking advantage of the intelligent design of Sloan’s Watchman System, Grayland pinpointed the problem on the compressor. The customer was so thrilled with the fast, responsive service and quick resolution that he asked Grayland to stay onsite for a few more days to look at the rest of the facility’s lubrication systems.

Grayland performed a full preventative maintenance review on three more systems and discovered a Watchman that had been installed in 1997 was still in service and operating efficiently. That is an impressive testament to the longevity of the systems and products that carry the Sloan name.

Grayland and our entire team are very proud of Sloan Lubrication Systems technical support.

“When we get a call, the customer talks to someone who knows what they are doing because we service and install these systems every day,” Grayland said. “We can normally get customers back up and running over the phone, but in this case, we really needed to be onsite to resolve the issue.”

Now our customer can rest easy knowing their Watchman Systems have been fully serviced by the best and will continue to provide reliable service and fail-safe protection.

After completing the job in Wyoming, Grayland was off to Texas – completing our scheduled yearly PM on several Watchman Systems in a critical application at a well-known food processor. Next week he will be in Indiana and back to working on gas compressors. It isn’t easy to always be on call, but it is Sloan’s commitment to satisfying our customers with outstanding service that sets us apart.

Did You Know?

The Engine Analyzer and Reliability Workshop is back July 27 -29, 2022 in San Antonio, Texas. This year, our Bryan Boarts will be presenting valuable information about engine and compressor lubrication. Stay tuned for the program schedule.

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