At Sloan Lubrication Systems, we are always looking for ways to deliver greater value to our customers through cost-effective solutions to problems that negatively impact operations and profitability. Time and time again, the most common problem we see is lack of maintenance that can lead to system failures and equipment damage.

In the past decade, we’ve seen a major shift in plant operations. Today’s facilities are often challenged to do more with fewer employees, leaving many critical preventative maintenance tasks unaddressed. Employee turnover means irreplaceable knowledge and lost skills, and finding time to train new staff is difficult. High demand and tight margins mean that there is never a good time for downtime. All of these factors contribute to a lack of maintenance on often-ignored lubrication systems.

To help facilities address these challenges, we are announcing our Sloan Service Plans for all new and existing equipment to take the guesswork out of yearly preventative maintenance and provide greater reliability and peace of mind.

Most people think that if their systems aren’t causing problems, they should just leave them alone. This could not be further from the truth. Your lubrication system is one of the most critical systems in your process, protecting lubricated equipment from excessive wear and failure.

When properly designed and maintained, a lubrication system is extremely reliable and, in the event of a problem, is fail-safe. When preventative maintenance intervals are extended or maintenance is not performed, this fail safe capability is compromised, meaning that your equipment could experience a catastrophic failure without warning. Sloan Lubrication Systems is dedicated to solving this problem with our new service plans.

Sloan Service Plans

Sloan Service Plan Benefits

  • Purchasing a new system with a service plan will effectively extend the warranty for the term of the contract, either two or five years.
  • Service visits will be offered at a 20% discount, and 10% on parts. This discount also applies to any maintenance parts or required replacement parts.
  • Other benefits include 24/7 technical support, priority callouts and troubleshooting assistance, access to our exclusive technical support and training resources, and rapid shipment of key emergency components.

Sloan Service Plan Tiers

Offered in two-year or five-year increments

  • The Basic Plan includes everything described above.
  • The Elite Plan includes everything in our Basic Plan, plus yearly lube system training and lubrication rate optimization services.
  • The Legacy Plan is for legacy systems that qualify through recertification and includes everything in the Basic Plan, as well as an onsite evaluation and service at the start of the program to verify that your system is in good operating condition.

Did You Know?

Sloan Lubrication Systems will be attending the Eastern Gas Compression Roundtable from May 2-4, in Pittsburgh, PA. Please stop by and visit our team at booth #519.

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