When Sloan launched the revolutionary TriCip System five years ago, we knew it was going to have a profound impact on the way our customers think about compressor lubrication. We have seen firsthand the negative effects of excessive lubricant usage as carryover results in liquids contamination leading to reduced throughput, valve failures, filter fouling and increased pigging requirements.

TriCip is the culmination of Sloan’s decades-long endeavor to solve our industry’s problems with over lubrication. We have taken what we’ve learned and applied it to an entirely new lubrication system that combines a state-of-the-art delivery system with advanced monitoring and controls and a proprietary fluid to achieve compressor lubrication rate reductions of up to 90 percent. TriCip is not just a system, it is a solution. It completely replaces the compressor lubricant supply chain, eliminating the need for tanker trucks and bulk storage tanks.

Sloan’s TriCip Lubrication System continues to impress - a group of men wearing hard hats and uniforms

The required lubricant rates with our proprietary fluid are so low that we have developed our Bag in Box (BIB) lubricant supply, where lubricant is delivered at regular intervals via standard shipping services. This convenient delivery method guarantees that the lubricant going into your compressor is 100 percent contaminant free, every single time, eliminating one of the most prevalent causes of compressor lubrication system failure. The BIBs are simple to change out and engineered to minimize waste.

When you factor in the significant downstream benefits, TriCip has saved our customers tens of thousands of dollars a year and prevented hundreds of thousands of gallons of excess lubricant from entering into gas streams across the country since its launch.

In addition to these positive benefits, the TriCip system helps customers meet their greenhouse gas reduction goals and is a smart choice for companies considering ESG initiatives because of its dual benefits of increasing profitability while doing what is right for the environment.

We had the opportunity to interview two of our customers after a recent TriCip installation and they couldn’t be happier with their decision to upgrade. If the many benefits of TriCip sound like the right fit for your operation, reach out to our sales team today.

Did You Know?

It is tradeshow season again. Sloan Lubrication Systems is happy to announce that we will attend this year’s Eastern Gas Compression Roundtable (EGCR) from May 7-9, at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Stop by booth 501/600 to see our working demo of our revolutionary, TriCip System.

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