We talk a lot about the work that we do for natural gas transmission compressors, so it may come as a surprise that Sloan Lubrication Systems also does work in refineries, where reliable performance through extreme conditions is critical.

Our Watchman System is an excellent fit for refinery compressor lubrication, consistently proving its value with hundreds of success stories through the years. With its modular, self-contained design, the system is easy to install and all the lubrication system components are readily accessible for regular preventative maintenance.

Just recently, one of our refinery customers shipped three Watchman Systems to our shop for a complete overhaul (below). These systems have been working reliably with regular service by our lubrication system experts for more than 15 years. Over the course of several days, our team will strip down and clean these systems, replace wear components, and get them ready for another long run of dependable performance.

15-year-old Watchman System

Compressor lubrication in a refinery is a more challenging application than natural gas pipeline compressor lubrication. Equipment gets driven hard and needs to perform reliably between turnarounds. In many cases, systems are located outside with exposure to extreme heat, cold, and all forms of precipitation.

To compound these challenges, start/stop applications are common, meaning the lube system needs to start smoothly and not trip. Refinery compressors often see higher pressures, and the gas stream may have more contaminants.

Extreme duty is an understatement. To make matters worse, refineries are complex processes, and a lubrication system shutdown can cause damage to a compressor, which can halt the entire process and lead to significant revenue loss.

If these application parameters sound like your facility, or if you are having reliability problems with your current compressor lubrication systems, maybe it is time to call Sloan Lubrication Systems. Our team of experts are here to help.

Did You Know?

Our gauge assembly is more than meets the eye. It provides several critical lubrication system functions. It has a pressure gauge to show divider block cycle pressure, but it also has a purge point, high pressure relief device, and a high pressure filter. Find out more today.

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