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Installation and Service

February 23, 2024|Videos|

At Sloan Lubrication Systems, we back our systems and components with a relentless commitment to outstanding service, industry knowledge, and technical expertise. From engineering and design, to technical support, emergency service, system evaluation, training and more, our teams are ready to address your service needs and ensure your lubrication system continues to perform at its optimal level of efficiency.

Customer service excellence starts with great leadership

February 1, 2024|Newsletter|

Michael Bechtold, COO, joined the Sloan Lubrication Systems team in 2007. At that time the company employed just 15 people and was known as “The Sloan Brothers Company” or simply, “Sloan Brothers”. We soon outgrew our Oakmont, Pennsylvania location and moved to [...]

TriCip Continues to Impress-What our customers are saying about TriCip

November 30, 2023|Newsletter|

You know you have a good product when your customers become your best advocates. When Sloan launched the TriCip Lubrication System in 2018, we knew that it would be revolutionary, and the feedback we continually receive from our customers is proving just how valuable [...]

Save money and reduce your carbon footprint with TriCip

October 23, 2023|Newsletter|

Sloan Lubrication Systems first introduced our revolutionary TriCip lubrication system a few years ago. Since then, we have installed hundreds of units across America’s natural gas pipeline systems – helping our customers save tens of thousands of gallons of compressor [...]

How much is excess lubricant costing you?

September 29, 2022|Newsletter|

For decades, Sloan Lubrication Systems has been helping customers prevent the harmful effects of power and compressor cylinder over-lubrication, reducing lube-oil carryover on compressor cylinders, carbon build-up and excessive wear on power cylinders, and providing longer valve life. Through our products and [...]

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